Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Microsoft Bing AI

Top AI ChatBots in 2024

Let’s discuss how ChatGPT operates to help you navigate and make the most of other AI chatbots. Created by OpenAI, ChatGPT employs GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, interpreting prompts from users and providing responses in a chatbot style.

The app handles features like saving conversation history, while the AI model manages the interpretation of input and performs calculations for responses. While many apps on this list also use OpenAI’s GPT models, developers can configure additional commands to customize how the model replies.

During testing, I focused on key factors:

  • Accuracy and responsiveness, ensuring coherent language and accurate information.
  • Easy access, avoiding advanced setup requirements for quick and free interaction.
  • Chat experience, emphasizing conversational interaction through a chat window.
  • Extra features, welcoming anything beyond prompt input and output. Now, based on research and interactions, here are some of the best AI chatbots for you to explore. Enjoy your experience!


ChatGPT is a popular AI chatbot launched in late 2022. It’s easy to use: type a prompt and get a response. You can keep threads separate and share them with others.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-ChatGPT
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-ChatGPT

While it can sometimes make factual errors, it’s still the industry leader. It remembers past conversations and can understand text commands. You can use it for various tasks, but remember to fact-check its output.

There’s a newer version, GPT-4, which is even better. It’s more accurate and can even predict from images.

Since ChatGPT’s release, AI has gotten even more powerful. You can now make images with AI and build your own AI bots.

No matter what you need, ChatGPT can help. It can summarize, generate replies, and much more.

I hope this is clearer and easier to understand!


Claude 2 is an AI chatbot that aims to be helpful, honest, and keep conversations natural.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Claude2
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Claude2

Unlike ChatGPT, it has a much longer memory (75,000 words!), making it great for summarizing long documents or remembering past conversations.

The free plan limits you to 25 messages per day, but you can upgrade for more features and even connect it to other apps.

In short, Claude 2 is a great choice if you need an AI friend with a good memory and helpful attitude!

Microsoft Bing AI:

Microsoft Bing AI, developed after increased investment in OpenAI in early 2023, enhances the Bing search experience with AI features. It can search the web, process results, and present them in replies, including image links.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Microsoft Bing AI
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Microsoft Bing AI

While it’s connected to DALL·E 3 for image generation, it may not fully grasp the intent of image searches. The integration with Microsoft Edge offers useful tools, allowing easy text generation for various purposes.

Despite occasional quirks, such as abrupt conversation endings, Bing AI remains a valuable tool, especially for web searches and text generation. Keep the conversations going by starting a new thread!

Google Bard – AI Chatbot:

Google, a longstanding player in the AI arena, utilizes PaLM 2 in Bard after a hiccup during the LaMDA model’s initial demo. Despite criticism, Bard’s functionalities are growing on users.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Bard
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Bard

Bard stands out by connecting to the internet for source retrieval, even allowing users to perform their own Google search. It displays search results with images directly in the chat window and enables prompt editing. Up to three drafts per output provide flexibility in choosing the best result. Notably, it integrates seamlessly with Google accounts and services like Hotels, Flights, and YouTube.

One of Bard’s strengths is its deep integration with Google products. From searching Gmail files to summarizing Google Drive contents and even planning trips with real-time flight and hotel prices, Bard proves to be a versatile assistant. Its conversational style contrasts with ChatGPT’s text command orientation.

Llama 2:

Meta took a distinctive approach to the AI scene by not creating a commercial chatbot. Instead, it introduced its own AI model, Llama 2, with a generous open licensing framework. Users can freely use and modify it until reaching a high revenue limit, keeping big tech competitors at bay.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Llamba 2
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Llamba 2

While it resembles an open-source model, you can’t delve into the specifics of Llama 2’s development. Although deploying the model is developer-centric, you can experiment with it on the website to gauge its responses. The output feels more direct and less refined compared to other chatbots, presenting itself as a versatile, vanilla model ready for specialization.

Llama 2’s potential lies in its open licensing terms, making it a model worth monitoring. While not as flashy as other options, it may become a staple in various applications, offering a foundation for unique implementations in the future.


Meet Pi, Inflection AI’s chatbot focusing on personal intelligence. While not as versatile as ChatGPT, Pi offers a refreshing user experience with a minimalistic design and charming animations.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Pi
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Pi

Pi excels in short, engaging conversations, preferring to ask questions and encourage users to share their day or talk through life’s challenges. It’s friendly, though sometimes vague, always providing positive feedback.

Pi introduces a unique feature called SupportPi, serving as a sounding board for advice or discussions. The Discover section allows users to choose conversation types like “practice a big conversation,” “get motivated,” or “just vent.”

While not designed for productivity, Pi emphasizes the importance of personal well-being. Currently free to use, Pi encourages users to share their name and phone number for conversation history tracking. This allows Pi to send occasional text check-ins, creating a nice reminder to stay connected.


Picture ChatGPT, Claude 2, and StableDiffusion XL walking into a bar named Poe—an AI model aggregator. Poe offers the chance to try out top models in the market for a bundled price of $20 per month. While high-quality models have message limits, it’s still a cost-effective way to explore multiple models without individual subscriptions.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Poe
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Poe

After your chat session, Poe takes things a step further by allowing you to create your own chatbot. You can customize its system prompt, integrate a knowledge base, and set up a greeting message. Similar to OpenAI’s GPTs, Poe has two notable differences: you can choose the base AI model, and you can earn money through a creator account. Currently, you receive $20 whenever a user subscribes to Poe using one of your chatbots. With a successful creation, your Poe subscription might even pay for itself multiple times over.


Perplexity offers a unique approach to internet-connected chatbots, specializing in handling extensive and less organized searches. After receiving the output, you’ll find a list of sources below it. You can continue the search or choose from suggested related terms, with results stacking for easy scrolling.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Perplexity
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Perplexity

To enhance your experience, you can activate Copilot in the search bar for assistance with product recommendations, healthy recipes, travel tips, and more. Perplexity refines your intent through qualifying questions, providing a summarized output as a solid starting point for deep dives.

Sharing your chats allows others to continue the conversation seamlessly. On your end, you can track views, likes, and follow-up questions, fostering interactive exchanges.

Introducing the Discover feature, Perplexity compiles popular searches into concise articles. For instance, a search like “the most streamed artist in 2023” gathers sources confirming Taylor Swift’s 26.1 billion streams, complemented by a brief AI-generated summary.

Equipped with Wolfram Alpha for advanced tasks, Perplexity is evolving into a robust and user-friendly search tool, ready for complex functions like solving equations and processing real-time data.


Elon Musk has entered the AI race with Grok, developed in an impressive four months from zero to ready. While I haven’t personally tested it, the buzz around Grok is captivating.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Grok
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-Grok

Grok aims to deliver unfiltered truth, without the safety measures of GPT or Claude. It fearlessly answers any question, embracing both the positive and negative sides of unrestricted responses.

Styled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Grok promises to provide information in a humorous and interactive manner, akin to Douglas Adams’ fictional encyclopedia. The potential integration with real-time data from the X platform is noteworthy, allowing users to tap into live social media network activities.

The name “Grok” signifies understanding intuitively, adding an intriguing aspect to an AI system that may lack empathy. The possibilities are open, and the future looks promising for this swiftly developed AI.

Hugging Chat:

Introducing HuggingChat, an open-source chatbot from Hugging Face. It shares similarities with ChatGPT in terms of user experience and responsiveness, exuding enthusiasm with responses like “Sure thing!” and “Of course!”

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-HuggingChat
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-HuggingChat

While the journey with HuggingChat has its bumps:

  • It occasionally produces factual errors.
  • Some parts of its output may seem out of place.
  • There’s a tendency to halt output in the middle of a response, particularly with longer prompts.
  • Despite these quirks, using HuggingChat is an enjoyable experience and provides valuable insights into how models process inputs and generate outputs. It’s a useful addition to your brainstorming toolkit, but for now, it’s advised to steer clear of more critical workflows.

You can enhance HuggingChat’s capabilities by connecting it to Zapier, enabling communication with various apps. Explore automation possibilities with Hugging Face through examples or templates to streamline your tasks.


Meet ChatOn, an AI with a unique approach. Unlike assistant-oriented bots, ChatOn offers task templates to personalize your prompts. With a variety of possibilities, you can generate X profiles, Instagram captions, YouTube scripts, write essays, create outlines, extract keywords, and much more.

Top AI ChatBots in 2024-ChatOn
Top AI ChatBots in 2024-ChatOn

The Tasks for AI button unlocks dozens of templates, providing a diverse range of options that are better experienced than described.

ChatOn introduces an intriguing feature—the AI keyboard. By installing this keyboard, you can generate content directly in input fields on your phone, eliminating the need for copy-pasting. This means you can effortlessly create replies, for instance, while sending a WhatsApp message without opening the ChatOn app. It’s a seamless solution for generating text where and when you need it.

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