Get Grammy-Ready with Siri & Shortcuts

Get Grammy-Ready with Siri & Shortcuts: Play Taylor Swift, Track Nominees, & More

The biggest night in music is almost here, and Siri and Shortcuts are ready to help you celebrate in style! Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie or just love discovering new tunes, Siri and Shortcuts have everything you need to get Grammy-ready.

Rock Out with Taylor Swift:

  • Ask Siri to play all the Grammy-nominated Taylor Swift songs. Sing along to “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” or relive the iconic bridge of “Bad Blood.” Feeling nostalgic? Ask for her early hits like “Love Story” or “You Belong With Me.”
  • Create a Shortcut to instantly play your favorite Taylor Swift song. No more searching through your music library! Just name the Shortcut “TayTime” and you’re good to go.

Become a Grammy Expert:

  • Stay up-to-date on all the nominees with the “Grammy Nominations” Shortcut. Ask Siri for the nominees in any category, or get the full list. You can even add nominees to your Apple Music playlist right away.
  • Test your music knowledge with the “Grammy Quiz” Shortcut. Answer trivia questions about past winners, iconic performances, and fun facts. See how many you can get right!

Amp Up Your Grammy Party:

  1. Create the perfect Grammy atmosphere with the “Grammy Night Vibes” Shortcut. Set the mood with a custom playlist, dim the lights, and even turn on your smart speaker.
  2. Have Siri announce the winners throughout the night. Set up a Shortcut to say “And the Grammy goes to…” whenever you’re ready to reveal the winner in each category. It’s sure to add some excitement to your party!

Siri and Shortcuts are your ultimate Grammy companions. So grab your snacks, gather your friends, and get ready for a night of music, fun, and awards with the help of Apple’s intelligent assistants!

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Siri & Shortcuts Grammy FAQs:

1. Can Siri play me all the Grammy nominees?

Absolutely! Just ask “Hey Siri, play all the Grammy-nominated songs.” You can also ask for specific categories like “Hey Siri, play the nominees for Best Album.”

2. How do I create a Shortcut for my favorite Taylor Swift song?

Open the Shortcuts app and tap “+” to create a new Shortcut. Search for “Play Music” and add the action. Choose “Specific Song” and select your favorite Taylor Swift track. Name the Shortcut something catchy like “TayTime” and tap “Done.” Now, just say “Hey Siri, play TayTime” to rock out instantly.

3. Does the “Grammy Nominations” Shortcut update live?

Yes! The Shortcut uses the latest information available online, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date nominees at your fingertips.

4. Is the “Grammy Quiz” Shortcut difficult?

It depends on your music knowledge! Some questions are easier, testing your knowledge of recent awards, while others might challenge you with obscure facts from Grammys history. It’s fun for all levels!

5. What kind of music plays with the “Grammy Night Vibes” Shortcut?

The Shortcut creates a playlist based on past Grammy winners and nominees, mixing genres and eras for a diverse and exciting Grammy-themed listening experience.

6. Can I customize the “Grammy Night Vibes” Shortcut?

Sure! You can edit the Shortcut to add specific artists, genres, or songs you want to include. Make it your own Grammy party soundtrack!

7. How do I make Siri announce the winners during my party?

Create a new Shortcut with the “Text” action and type something like “And the Grammy goes to…” You can then add a “Wait” action for a dramatic pause and another “Text” action with the actual winner’s name (you’ll have to fill this in manually during the ceremony). Practice beforehand for perfect timing!

8. Does Siri work with other music streaming services besides Apple Music?

Currently, Siri’s music controls primarily work with Apple Music. However, some Shortcuts might offer workarounds depending on the service you use. Check the individual Shortcut description for details.

9. Can I use these Shortcuts offline?

Most Shortcuts, including the ones mentioned above, require an internet connection to access information and perform actions. However, some basic music playback Shortcuts might work offline if the songs are already downloaded on your device.

10. Where can I find more Grammy-related Shortcuts?

Explore the “Shortcuts Gallery” within the Shortcuts app and search for “Grammy” or related keywords. You’ll find various creations from other users, offering unique ways to enhance your Grammy experience.

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