aDead Island 2 on Steam : Release Date, Features and Price

Dead Island 2 on Steam : Release Date, Features and Price

Calling all zombie slayers! After years of anticipation and development hell, Dead Island 2 is finally rising from the grave (well, technically not a grave, but you get the idea). Get ready to unleash your inner butcher on hordes of the undead when the game launches on Steam on April 22nd, 2024.

Dead Island 2 Release Date

Dead Island 2 releases on Steam on April 22nd, 2024.

Dead Island 2 Price

It is not available for purchase yet. It’s set to be released on April 22nd, 2024 and the pre-order price on Steam is $39.99 USD.

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Dead Island 2 System Requirements

Dead Island 2 System Requirements
OS Windows 10 64 bit
Storage 70GB
DirectX Version 12
  • Minimum : Radeon R9 390X (8192 VRAM) / GeForce GTX 1060 (6144 VRAM)
  • Recommended : Radeon RX 6800 XT (16384 VRAM) / GeForce RTX 2070 Super (8192 MB)
  • Minimum : AMD FX-9590 / Intel Core i7-7700HQ
  • Recommended : Ryzen 5 5600X / Intel Core i9-9900k

Dead Island 2 Features

Dead Island 2 Features
Image Credit : Steam
  • Explore LA Like Never Before: Forget Hollywood tours, It takes you on a zombie-filled trip across iconic places like Beverly Hills and Venice Beach! ‍♀️
  • Brutal Beatdowns: Slice, smash, burn, and rip your way through hordes of undead with tons of weapons. Feel the satisfaction of every hit! ☠️
  • Become the Zombie Slayer King/Queen: Choose from 6 unique characters with their own personalities and stories. Build them your way with a new skill system for crazy zombie-killing combos!
  • Realistic (and Gross) Zombies: Prepare for the most detailed zombie dismemberment ever! These mutated Angelenos come in many flavors, so watch out for their special attacks! ‍♂️
  • Team Up with Friends: Get your squad of 3 ready for an immersive story campaign with crazy characters and tons of co-op zombie bashing! ‍♀️
  • Important Note: For players in Germany, zombie violence has some limitations. But don’t worry, you can still team up with international players for some gory fun!


Q : Is Dead Island 2 appropriate for all ages?

A : No, Dead Island 2 is rated M for Mature and contains violence, gore, and strong language.

Q : Can I play Dead Island 2 with friends?

A : Yes! It’s features an exciting co-op mode for up to three players.

Q : Are there different types of zombies in the game?

A : Absolutely! Expect to encounter dozens of distinct zombie types, each with unique mutations, attacks, and appearances.

Q : Will Dead Island 2 be available on other platforms?

A : Currently, Dead Island 2 is only confirmed for release on PC (Steam). There is no information about other platforms at this time.

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